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Elon Musk’s Powerwall and Powerpack Give us a Glimpse into the Future of Power Generation.

    Decentralised Power, in every sense of the term, has long been a focus theme of mine. It’s hardly surprising, I work in decentralised energy – CHP and district heating, waste to energy, wind and solar power. Forging a new path is never cheap, and any business which wants to truly innovate needs a…

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To Vote or Not to Vote, Where is the Alternative?

You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete – R. Buckminster Fuller

Film profile: Kodak Ektar

Like the super contrasty look of slide film, a fine grain and unique look, but prefer shooting negative film? With Spring right around the corner, buy yourself a roll or two of Kodak Ektar and get shooting.

Pork and Egg Pie

Do you like pork pie? If the answer is no, then you have never sampled a home made pork pie. In the world of baking, a pork pie is something that an amateur baker can make easily, with a little help from some decent ingredients and a pie tin. Select a pie tin with  loose…

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4 Common Beliefs which Hinder Our Personal Freedom

The modern day ‘Establishment’ is a far cry from the reason that government was sought in the first place. Most of the population either don’t know or don’t care that, by voting for these systems, they are enriching the Establishment, increasing its grip on the economy, and gradually reducing individual personal power and choice.


Bitcoin: Change Money, Change the World

If you feel a total lack of interest in politics, you are not alone. Many young people are switching off from government and the state which promises so much but delivers so little. People are seeing the politicians for what they truly are; players in a game which serves only themselves. Those who do still feel that voting…

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Let the Market Decide: Gold coins or Bitcoins?

I found this article on the independent headlined: Bitcoin: “Government to regulate cryptocurrency to avoid money laundering, says Treasury“, which I couldn’t help but comment on. What I found most annoying about the article was the total lack of comment regarding the underlying story. It’s not the concept of increased security which bothers me. Of course I…

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Home-made Lunch – Literally

When your neighbours see you in the garden in the middle of winter fiddling with the Weber Kettle barbecue, and you tell them that you are smoking your own salmon, they may look at you funnily. They may even ask you why you bother to go to the lengths of doing something that you can…

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Blurred Lines vs. Got to Give it Up – A Tragic Day for the Music Business, A Great Day for Lawyers

  The Gaye family has won a landmark case against Pharrell Williams and Robin Thicke’s smash hit – ‘Blurred Lines’. Williams, who wrote the song is said to have plagiarised Marvin Gaye’s 1977 song ‘Got to Give it Up’.


35mm film vs. 24mp FF sensor (F100 vs D600)

I had the chance to used a Nikon F100 alongside a D600 for a couple of days and produce this F100 vs. D600 comparison. This was back in the depths of the British Winter (it’s taken that long to finish the roll and get it developed). During the period I had the camera, the weather was pretty bad (overcast)…

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11 Top Tips for Perfect Sourdough

Here are some top tips to make sure your sourdough loaves are delivered in shape, on time, and taste just right:

7 Things we could Make at Home instead of Buying

We’re all so busy, aren’t we? We work, work, work to earn the money so that we can have enough cash to live a fun life at the weekend. But a period of time ago, not too far in the distant past, people lived their lives at a much slower pace, more spread out geographically,…

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Slash Chords Explained

To download the lead sheet for “I just can’t stop loving you”, click on the link below.


Olympus OM1 Review

The first ‘proper’ camera I bought was a silver and black Olympus OM1 which I bought with a 50mm f1.4 Zuiko lens from the London Camera Exchange in Southampton whilst I was at university. Like many things that come to me in life, I wasn’t quite ready for it at the time it came. I sensed…

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Hummus Recipe Update

I have just made Ottolenghi’s hummus recipe, as can be found in his recipe book Jerusalem. Oh My God, it’s amazing. But then, who better to show you how to make hummus, than someone from Jerusalem. It is different to the normal recipe I’ve used (no olive oil and loads of tahini), but I’m really pleasantly…

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Sourdough French Toast

Made yourself a delicious loaf or two of sourdough? Just woken up on a Saturday and are feeling a little peckish after a morning’s lie in? How about a bit of Sourdough French Toast with bacon and maple syrup?

Why Film Shooters Love the Fujifilm X-system

I love photography. The art and the craft of capturing that moment when the light is just right and shifting one or two feet to the right or left improves the composition. Once you have determined that you want to take a photo, and you have refined the shot in your mind, you have a…

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