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How to Stop Sourdough Sticking

There is no denying the deliciousness of Sourdough bread. Luckily it is also pretty easy to make at home, as long as you have a little patience and a well-cared-for starter culture; think of it as a pet and feed it every day. Many aspiring bakers, having forked out for a pair of fancy cane bannetons,…

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Interstellar – Movie Review

I have found myself reflecting back on the last two films I watched most recently. The first, Interstellar I watched at the newly opened iMax screen in Cheltenham. The second ‘Begin Again’, I watched at home on a smaller screen. I can usually tell when I’m feeling a bit more open and sensitive because the…

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5 Things we can all learn from Ken Rockwell (hint: not much to do with Photography)

When I got interested in Photography, I headed for the internet and spent quite a bit of time on Ken’s site . Ken Rockwell (for those of you who don’t know) is an outspoken photography blogger who gets a lot of publicity, often for his seemingly contradictory remarks about where he stands in the…

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How To: Cold Smoke Your Own Salmon

Ever wondered how easy it is to smoke your own salmon? My darling girlfriend bought me a wonderful book, it’s called Food DIY, it’s written by Tim Hayward, and it’s right up my street. For someone like me who enjoys the art and the craft of life, it is a really fun, yet practical book,…

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Emulating photographic film – Making Digital images look like Film

Andrew Goodman Photographic film is a wonderful medium. It is, magical, inspirational, unique, unreliable and largely unrepeatable. All of the attributes which make analogue photography undesirable to journalists looking for good enough quality and repeatable and reliable results, do not necessarily appeal to the photographic artist.


Fujifilm GA645 Zi Professional Review

If like me, you love shooting film, whether slide film, negative film or black & white, you may have been looking into getting yourself a medium format (MF) camera. MF cameras are available on the second hand market for a good price, and there is a definite improvement in image quality; stepping up to even the…

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Film vs Digital – Which Is Better?

Andrew Goodman Both. And Neither. Both film and digital can be great if you are a good photographer, understand how each camera works and can use it correctly to get the best results. Neither will give good results, if you are not a good photographer. A crappy photo is a crappy photo regardless of what…

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