Good food. It’s one of the pleasures of life. Bad food is one of the pains. I like to eat out and I like to knock up a decent tasting dish myself. I am not massively into haute cuisine but I do know what tastes good and what doesn’t. If I eat out at a restaurant, and I am paying a professional, however young, to cook for me, I expect him/her to do a better job than I can do myself. If I can cook better than a professional, their either I am eligible to be paid to cook, or the offending chef needs to go home.

I’m more interested in healthy, fun food than fancy pants dining. More Tm Kerridge Pub Grub than Gary Rhodes Jus Reductions. The things which really interest me are the simple things we can make ourselves, things we used to make but now buy from the supermarkets instead. With a little bit of forward planning, we can hit these sweet spots ourselves.

I was recently asked to put forward a recipe for a book which was being put together, and in writing out the recipe, it occurred to me that many recipes out there are poorly written and even more poorly executed. Cooking is chemistry and physics (heard of the Maillard reaction?) and it involves some serious skill to understand what is going on. How can you make delicious chemical combinations without a proper set of instructions?

If you haven’t tried any of this stuff before, you’re in for a treat. Food is one of life’s simple pleasures, and when you make it yourself, not growing the cow, but being involved in the preparation of the finished product, there’s a great deal of satisfaction in the final event.

Bon Appetit!