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5 Ways to get into film Photography


Andrew Goodman

If you have lived your whole life with your camera on Auto, and you’re underwhelmed with the quality of your photographs, it may be time for you to take a step back to the analogue age. As I’ve said in my post on the relative merits of Film vs Digital, taking pictures with a film camera, especially a manual one, causes you to not only slow down and ask yourself the important questions around the creation of your photographs, but it forces you to understand what is happening and improve your technique at the same time.

Some people say, “what’s the point, film is dead”, get with the programme. I agree that digital has surpassed film as the current photography technology, but film is not going away. Just as there are art shops selling paint and canvases, so there will be businesses out there making photographic supplies chemicals and processing film for many many years to come. The camera obscura didn’t replace the paintbrush entirely, but it did replace the paintbrush as the popular means of capturing portrait images.

For many people born into the digital age, film has appeal for its retro, ‘beardy-wierdy’, vintage look. For others it allow them access to the very high image quality of Medium Format and a unique, bespoke look. But where to start?
Here are five ways to whet your appetite for analogue photography.