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5 Ways to get into film Photography

Buy yourself an Instant Camera

Back in the heyday of instant film, Polaroid was the go-to brand for instant photography. I must admit, I find the magic of exposing and producing a photo immediately quite a magical thing. Even in today’s ‘instant society’ we have not managed to better the truly instant nature of the polaroid photo.

Sadly, and for reasons I cannot understand, Polaroid shut down their highly profitable instant film business to go in a new direction (watch TimeZero – the last year of Polaroid film). Polaroid film is no more. A company called the impossible project (as featured in the film TimeZero) has reinvented the technology from scratch and is still making film for those old Polaroid Cameras, if you find one of those classics in the attic, good for you!

In the wake of Polaroid, we have options from Fujifilm with its range of Instax instant cameras, and more recently Lomography with their Lomo L’Instant a funky little instant camera, which also uses Fuji Instant Film. Instant photography is fun. It is a one shot, unique and unrepeatble experience which you can physically share with another.

There are no easy copies, and no Facebook uploads. “This is the picture I took, and I’m choosing to give it to you.” There is something very appealing and honest about such an approach in the digital age. If your photography is getting too serious, buy yourself an instant camera for Christmas and have some fun.