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5 Ways to get into film Photography

Develop and print your own B&W film in the darkroom

If you want to really understand photography, then have a look in your local area for a darkroom where you can develop and print your own photos.

If you have a university or college near you, enquire about their photographic society facilities. There is no better way to understand the process of film than to do it yourself. Moreover, processing your own film can give you truly unique results, and in the age of digital cameras, there is still something extremely high quality, a level of tone and depth achievable with a silver gelatin print, which cannot be equalled by modern digital techniques.

Techniques such as dodging and burning, and exposing and processing black and white film for best effects are well explained in the Ansel Adams’ book: The Negative and Bruce Barnbaum’s book: The Art of Photography.

Of course we have the world wide web to bring us lots of wonderful information and ideas. Have a look at istillshootfilm.


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