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Public Set to Sue over Global Warming Fraud

I was watching my latest favourite inspiration, Chamath Palihapitiya talking about technology on CNBC squawk box. I first came across Chamath talking about Bitcoin. He’s a sharp talker and like a lot of successful people he is driven and speaks with conviction, so when he speaks people listen. When the anchor of squawk box, Joe Kernan rebuffed…

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Sir David Attenborough – Conversations with Dog

Let’s play a word association game. wildlife…..television…… You said David Attenborough didn’t you? He’s been on our screens pretty much since television was invented, OK at least since people started watching it in the UK. He was controller of BBC 2 in 1965 and director of programmes (BBC 1 and 2) in 1969, he is…

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Life in the Matrix

When it hit our cinema screens back in 1999 (yes, that long ago), The Matrix was a huge success. I would put it down on my top ten best films of all time. Why so popular? What was it about that film that struck me so?


The Fallacy of Booming UK House Prices

Booming UK house prices don’t benefit anyone except moneylenders and property speculators – it’s time the great British homeowner woke up and realised they’ve been swindled.

4 Common Beliefs which Hinder Our Personal Freedom

The modern day ‘Establishment’ is a far cry from the reason that government was sought in the first place. Most of the population either don’t know or don’t care that, by voting for these systems, they are enriching the Establishment, increasing its grip on the economy, and gradually reducing individual personal power and choice.