Public Set to Sue over Global Warming Fraud

I was watching my latest favourite inspiration, Chamath Palihapitiya talking about technology on CNBC squawk box. I first came across Chamath talking about Bitcoin. He’s a sharp talker and like a lot of successful people he is driven and speaks with conviction, so when he speaks people listen. When the anchor of squawk box, Joe Kernan rebuffed Chamath’s view on man made global warming, I was delighted. Finally, it’s so good to hear an opinion which isn’t mainstream in the mainstream press. It seems CNBC has taken quite a lot of flack for having a lot of global warming deniers on their books. Good for them.

I then stumbled across this article in TeenVogue: Kids Win the Right to Sue Government over Global Warming. So the kids can sue for their ruined future. Good for them. But what happens when the world wakes up to realise their future isn’t ruined after all, and that what has taken place over the last two decades has been corporate wealth extraction of the highest order? Yeah, never mind the kids, what about us adults being taxed heavily by the global warming zealots, especially those of us who don’t believe that 0.01% more CO2 in the atmosphere is a bad thing? It’s good for tomatoes, and tomatoes are delicious. So will we be allowed to sue, and if so who do we sue? We could sue ourselves for our own gullibility? Continue reading