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Austrian Germknödel Recipe

Austrian Germknödel Recipe When I was younger, my parents lived in Germany. As a family, we would frequently visit the Austrian Alps at wintertime to go skiing. In the alpine huts at lunch would be served these giant round dumplings… Continue Reading →

9 Steps to Perfect Sourdough

if you’re struggling to turn out a decent sourdough loaf, try the following tips to success: 1. Give your Starter a Heads Up If you’re not the sort of person who feeds your starter every day, then a couple of… Continue Reading →

Mango Chutney

Very often it is the ancillaries which really make life special. Sure it’s nice to wear a quality suit, but the effect is ruined if you don’t top it off with a fine pair of leather shoes and a matching… Continue Reading →

Pork and Egg Pie

Do you like pork pie? If the answer is no, then you have never sampled a home made pork pie. In the world of baking, a pork pie is something that an amateur baker can make easily, with a little… Continue Reading →

Home-made Lunch – Literally

When your neighbours see you in the garden in the middle of winter fiddling with the Weber Kettle barbecue, and you tell them that you are smoking your own salmon, they may look at you funnily. They may even ask… Continue Reading →

11 Top Tips for Perfect Sourdough

Here are some top tips to make sure your sourdough loaves are delivered in shape, on time, and taste just right:

7 Things we could Make at Home instead of Buying

We’re all so busy, aren’t we? We work, work, work to earn the money so that we can have enough cash to live a fun life at the weekend. But a period of time ago, not too far in the… Continue Reading →

Hummus Recipe Update

I have just made Ottolenghi’s hummus recipe, as can be found in his recipe book Jerusalem. Oh My God, it’s amazing. But then, who better to show you how to make hummus, than someone from Jerusalem. It is different to the… Continue Reading →

Sourdough French Toast

Made yourself a delicious loaf or two of sourdough? Just woken up on a Saturday and are feeling a little peckish after a morning’s lie in? How about a bit of Sourdough French Toast with bacon and maple syrup?

How to Stop Sourdough Sticking

There is no denying the deliciousness of Sourdough bread. Luckily it is also pretty easy to make at home, as long as you have a little patience and a well-cared-for starter culture; think of it as a pet and feed it… Continue Reading →

How To: Cold Smoke Your Own Salmon

Ever wondered how easy it is to smoke your own salmon? My darling girlfriend bought me a wonderful book, it’s called Food DIY, it’s written by Tim Hayward, and it’s right up my street. For someone like me who enjoys… Continue Reading →

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