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In Praise of Richard Rogers’ Carousel Waltz

I have a varied taste in music. I hesitate to use the word eclectic; after all it has been nearly 10 years since I lived in Hoxton and Shoreditch. I enjoy good music, that is, I like music which agrees with my ear. From pop to jazz, to ska, punk, reggae, dub, drum and bass,…

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Shure SE425 Earphones Long Term Review

Like music? How much would you spend on an MP3 player? £500? Maybe you’d go for the top of the range 128GB iPhone for around £700. But what about your headphones? What’s that? You’re still using those crappy buds that came free with your iPhone? Oh dear. It’s time we had a little chat.

Blurred Lines vs. Got to Give it Up – A Tragic Day for the Music Business, A Great Day for Lawyers

  The Gaye family has won a landmark case against Pharrell Williams and Robin Thicke’s smash hit – ‘Blurred Lines’. Williams, who wrote the song is said to have plagiarised Marvin Gaye’s 1977 song ‘Got to Give it Up’.


Slash Chords Explained

To download the lead sheet for “I just can’t stop loving you”, click on the link below.