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When it hit our cinema screens back in 1999 (yes, that long ago), The Matrix was a huge success. I would put it down on my top ten best films of all time. Why so popular? What was it about that film that struck me so?

Things come along, meaningful things, at a time in our lives that we are able to recognise them. They were there all along, but only became apparent to us once we were in a place to identify them.

The Matrix was this kind of film for me. An awakening of my consciousness. It put forward a concept which struck a chord with me. While dressed up with the typical elements of a good movie (evil vs. good, and the usual science fiction conspiracy theories), there were other aspects which I felt mirrored the world completely; those of the power of faith, and the extent to which the population is in some kind of hypnotic trance, not really interested in waking up.

I have always felt different, I’ve never really felt like I fitted in. Sure, I learned to play the game, to say the words other people wanted to hear, but I never found much satisfaction in it, and I felt like I was always one conversation away from being discovered as a fraud that I believed I was.

I now understand that my conscience was with me all along, and that it was my thoughts words and deeds which were indeed false. Therefore, as I have grown and matured, I have sought to conduct myself in a manner which is right according to me, to my conscience, according to what I know deep inside is the right thing to do.

Now, I don’t believe that the human race is being farmed for electricity by robots who have conquered our race, but I do believe that we are as a population of human beings, largely asleep, brainwashed by the media and polite society. I believe that most individuals in their quest to fit in, give up their free will, and that we are as a species conditioned by those who preceded us into the world, inheriting all of their emotional baggage in the process.

Bless the Renegade

There are those who stand out from the crowd, and they are not tolerated. They may be seeing things as they really are, but those under the spell are not interested in the truth, they want to continue to live the dream, to experience the delusion of pleasure over the cold painful reality. And so the renegades are called crazy, and treated with disdain, labelled as rebels, locked up or have their heads cut off to make them ‘behave’

We sense the world, and as we do so, it makes its impression upon us. We are influenced by life, and we are negatively impacted by other human beings, which causes our otherwise natural state of grace to become perverted. Adults who were corrupted from their innocence by their own parents cannot bear to witness the pure spirit child before them, and so they administer ‘correction’ on the babe, because that’s ‘the done thing’, and because they have the power to do so.

I look around my office. What do I see? Many people, trapped in jobs they would rather not be doing, waiting to get the hell out of there. Complying, but only just. Why are we living this way? How is it that we can spend years, decades of our lives serving corporations which are largely carrying out the government’s aims? What happened to our dreams and goals and wishes for ourselves? Aren’t we allowed to be joyful in our lives, or must we make a living?

It Never did Me any Harm

Our parents abandoned their own  joyful ideals in order that they might get a job or make a living rather than live a joyful life, but it’s backwards. Even so, they pass their own well-meaning advice onto their children, and the charade continues. Maybe when they finally ‘retire’ from the ordeal of their life’s work; getting off the hamster wheel finally helps them see the ridiculousness of the whole thing. Or maybe they don’t.

We are programmed to see our own choices as good ones by justifying them to others we have influence over, and recommending that others follow suit. Easier to do this than to face the reality that you wasted your own precious life doing someone else’s bidding rather than your own.

Worker Drones

What brings this dull, uninspiring excuse for an existence to an end? How to get out of the matrix? Self empowerment, and the free market which comes out of it. All I see in the UK, after years and years of socialism, is a gradual weakening of society. The government has taken over almost everything, and the giant corporations which serve government (and sponsor it) are the only survivors in an ocean of giant waves of bureaucracy. Smaller vessels cannot weather the storm.

Governments tax and spend, and their well meaning edicts, rather than creating inspired individuals operating in a free market scenario, leads to countless worker drones carrying out other people’s ill thought out ideas. We spend trillions tackling non-existent issues like global warming while the fundamental areas of life are neglected.

The problem is, if you drill down into whose ideas we are all so busy carrying out, you will discover there is no single initiate, and very little informed thinking behind the ideas. A business based upon someone else’s idea, with no clear thinking visionary at the helm is destined to fail.

And so engineers serve civil servants and bureaucrats, architects serve property developers, and the doctors and nurses are paid less than the change management consultants who seem to be doing something of value. The middle man, the broker is king, and his fees are our new taxes.

We build our governments, and the large multinational consultancies which serve them on poorly thought out, highly politicised and heavily subsidised activities, with no real consideration about whether the market is interested or even prepared to accept their existence. It’s a phony world we live in. A phony socialist world. This is the world of the matrix.

How to Wake Up?

You don’t have to take a red pill or a blue pill to wake up. You do need to start listening to your conscience, and practicing being quiet and listening to your inner voice; that small still voice of calm.

Learning to meditate is as good a way as any to turn your mind and attention away from the seductive power of the outside world, and learn to listen to yourself.

Remove television, the media, and polite society from your life. Instead seek your own inner wisdom on any subject. You have inside you, (we all have inside us) inspired knowledge. This is the place where all brilliant works are born.

Do not take anyone’s word for anything, quieten your mind in meditation and you will hear your own answers. You will create your own brilliance. Don’t read others’ books, write your own books. Don’t listen to others’ music, give birth to your own music. Don’t do what you are told, find out who you are and express yourself to the world in your most authentic way. Be the human being, that you came here to be. Not a human doing, a human being.


The process of awakening is a gradual one. You will lose interest in those individuals who are largely asleep, and you will know what you know (inspired knowing) without having any explanation as to why you know it. You just will.

You will act more from that calm, deliberate, assured, centred place with patience, kindness and allowing. You will not seek to justify yourself to others. You will express what you know and allow others to express what they know. Because their knowing something different doesn’t threaten your own faith. They are on their path, just as you are on yours.

By treating the world with love, kindness and patience, you will help to inspire others towards that same light. One day they may come to ask you “what do you know, that I don’t know”, and if they ask sincerely, and want to know, you can start to tell them. Your behaviour will be your example, not the words leaving your mouth.

Looking for Love in all the Wrong Places

We are almost all distracted from our true selves, and seeking something to make us feel whole again. But there isn’t enough food you can eat, drugs you can take, beautiful people you can have sex with, or money you can earn and spend, to fill the emptiness caused by your loss of innocence when you originally fell from grace at the hands of your care-givers. You will find what you are looking for inside yourself, in those quiet moments of regular contemplation, connection with your source of love and goodness within.

How is life in the Matrix? It’s not so bad, but the real thing is so much better. Beware however, once you start to wake up, there is no going back to what you knew before. You cannot unlearn what you have learned, so tread carefully, and take these steps when you are truly ready to do so and not before.

Once you embark on a path of awakening through meditation, your tolerance of old habits and behaviours, of things that you once took for granted will be significantly reduced. As your vibration increases, your sensitivity to the lower frequencies will be greater. You will no longer be able to look upon acts of brutalism without feeling rotten, moved from your high, fast, pure vibration.

Raising the Bar

Your own actions, which you may have got away with in the past, will not be acceptable to you any more. Old habits, and old friendships die hard, but you are committed to raising the bar, and only your best will do from now on.

You will not be able to look upon your normal targets of resentment without feeling terrible. You are becoming more childlike, more pure and loving, and old behaviours must fall away, if you want to continue to do what you know is right and good.

You will find yourself with new associates, new friends and new activities. Life is simple when you feel good most of the time. You won’t be a slave to the world and its powerful seductive triggers. You will see things as they are. You won’t judge others, but in knowing the truth, and living it, evil cannot abide in your presence.

You are an uplifter of the world, you always were, but now you’re coming back into your power, and every day you are spreading your love in the world, and being who you were born to be. Live it.

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This post has already been read 1017 times!