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I am not freaked out by Brexit, but I know that many people are. What are they worried about? Change. People don’t like it. Markets don’t like it. Investors don’t like it. It’s a shame because change is not only inevitable, but an essential part of evolution. I am not freaked out by the collapse of the banking system which is on its way, not because I have my life savings in bitcoin, but because I know that whatever replaces it will be better all round. So a lot of people will lose a lot of money. Tough luck. If there are sweeping changes which make life better as a result, surely these are changes worth going through a bit of pain for?

I have been anticipating these changes for some time. I, no we have asked for them, and now they are coming about. We are about to have a big shake up. Fear not, this will be for the best in the long run, it’s just we will need to undergo some transitionary periods in the mean time.

I have called for the UK government to prepare a plan for a banking collapse, because one is imminent, and when it comes, ‘the people in charge’ need to show leadership when it happens (in contrast to the complete lack of leadership shown by Cameron and Osborne’s during the EU referendum debacle)

The time has come for something new. A global renaissance to match that of the 14th to 17th centuries. The fact is we have a debt based money system, too much debt, and we are trapped in a situation of compound interest from which there is no escape. We have diminishing returns on capital, the EU has destroyed the European economies through its introduction of the single currency, a tool to achieve ‘ever closer union’ (read: crushing democracy). Central bankers the world over have tried the alchemists formula, and have failed to deliver the economic growth they sought to achieve. Demand cannot be faked, and the demographics of our time are a disaster waiting to unfold. Unfunded pensions and healthcare liabilities, increasingly ageing populations added to spiralling sovereign and household debt, all propped up by an insolvent banking system which failed to make any real changes post 2008 means that a big bust is on the way.

My advice to you, mano a mano is to buy something solid like a house, art or fine wine, or invest your savings in gold and bitcoin. Whatever you do, don’t have large sums of cash sitting in the bank; such funds will most likely be misappropriated by the government when it runs out of cash. The consumer always pays.

Brexit is interesting because it is a black swan event, it represents a major grassroots shock to the establishment. The UK ’s two major parties have been shown to be severely lacking when the majority of the population votes against their advice. For the last 20 years, both Labour and the Conservatives have represented a small crony elite, and sold the electorate, the taxpayers who fund this country, down the river.

So as soon as people were allowed to voice their opinions, they did so, giving David Cameron a bloody nose and sending the strongest message to the powers that would be that such behaviour will not be tolerated any longer. Interestingly, Jeremy Corbin has the support of Labour party members, but not the support of his own MP’s, which suggests that rather than him resigning rom the Labour party, the rest of his party should resign and leave him to find some new MP’s. If Corbyn wins the leadership contest, this is surely what must happen.

Over the next two years, as Britain makes its plans to leave the EU, there will be not only a crash of the global economic system, but a crash of the global system of self-serving crony elitist politics, and not before time. What emerges out of this collapse will be a true renaissance. As long as people are living in fear, clinging to what they consider to be important, guarding against loss, they cannot allow themselves to see the opportunities, they cannot allow things to change for the better. Let go people, and see the bold bright future ahead. We cannot cling to the dead corpse of a system which no longer serves us. It’s time for something new. It’s time for a re-birth.

This post has already been read 1236 times!

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