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7 Things we could Make at Home instead of Buying


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We’re all so busy, aren’t we? We work, work, work to earn the money so that we can have enough cash to live a fun life at the weekend. But a period of time ago, not too far in the distant past, people lived their lives at a much slower pace, more spread out geographically, and they were still in touch with the earth that nourishes them.

If you pay a visit to parts of Eastern Europe, people still live this way; they cook their own food, they have a strong emphasis on the family unit and family values, and they still take time to iron their sheets. They wouldn’t dream of buying many of the items that we buy in supermarkets at vastly inflated prices, because they could make it themselves; they have the luxury of time.

As our lives have become busier, we have been seduced by the ‘ready-meal’ culture which has swept the nation. It’s not all bad, sometimes you just can’t be bothered to cook, and a ready-meal is the perfect way to provide sustenance. Like a well placed burger restaurant, it cannot be knocked. Plus, in recent years the quality of the ready meal has improved dramatically to the point that it surpasses the culinary ability of many home cooks. It has therefore become a staple diet, albeit an expensive one for many cash rich, time poor people.

There are a number of foods that we can make ourselves with a little bit of forward planning. They are not only cheaper, but better for us than the long shelf-life products that we routinely buy from food manufacturers.

When you make food yourself, you appreciate it more, knowing a little bit more about where it comes from, and what goes into it, and expand your cooking and tasting skills; skills that you will have for life.

Here are 7 things we could make at home instead of buying.

This post has already been read 3455 times!' Andrew • February 24, 2015

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