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7 Things we could Make at Home instead of Buying


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Home baked bread is delicious, in a way that a store bought loaf just won’t ever be. The oft used cliche ‘made with love’ really does apply to the home baker’s meagre loaf yield.

Bread making is not so much about the time taken in bread ‘making’, it’s about the long gaps in between, where the dough is allowed to ferment. If you want good results, you need to be prepared to let nature take its course. This is what bread making will teach you. Life has its own rhythm, and it goes at its own pace. And things will turn out better if you go with the flow.

For those with very little spare time, your baking days will come at the weekend. While you may struggle to cook a loaf first thing in the morning during the week, you can use a number of tricks to have freshly baked bread before going to work.

For example, you could make your dough in the evening, and then prove the loaf in the fridge overnight. As yeast activity is temperature dependent, cooling the dough retards the fermentation process. If your oven allows, set it to come on automatically in the morning, and then pop the proved loaf in the oven when your alarm goes off (or get one of your kids to do it for you), and enjoy freshly baked toast and marmalade for breakfast.

If you’re just getting into baking bread, I recommend the following books: Bread by Jeffrey Hamelman goes into significant detail about the chemistry and the techniques of baking bread, and Paul Hollywood’s books: How to Bake and Bread are ideal for those who are less interested in the how, and just want to create some delicious home baked goods.

This post has already been read 2864 times!' Andrew • February 24, 2015

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