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7 Things we could Make at Home instead of Buying


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If you’ve never made soup, give it a go at least once in your life. It’s delicious and it’s easier than you think to make.

If you have made soup, you probably thought after you first tasting; that was easy and really delicious to make, before going back to the convenience of buying soup from the supermarket.

There is nothing holding you back from making delicious soup apart from the effort required to make it, and a blender or food processor of adequate size to zip up the ingredients. The great thing about homemade soup is that it can be made in large batches and frozen and revived when required.

All you need to make soup is some vegetables, water and stock. Principally: Onion, celery, garlic. Tomatoes are obviously popular due to their heavy dosage of naturally occurring MSG, likewise mushrooms have that wonderfully satisfying savoury umami depth of flavour.

Leeks, potatoes, cheese, ham, peas, the possibilities are quite literally endless. If you need inspiration, check out something like the New Covent Garden Food Company Soup Book, which gives you one soup for every day of the year, and will make sure that any leftover food in your fridge is put to good use.

This post has already been read 2866 times!' Andrew • February 24, 2015

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