My main interest in life is living happily ever after; enjoying life, having fun exploring the world, spending time with my family, and cherishing the freedom of this great country.

I am a Conservative at heart. I believe in God and I love Britain, and the values of this country; the rule of law, the right to be protected from harm by another, private property rights; the right to spend my money on things which I choose. There is no moral justification for socialism; stealing other peoples’ property, for any reason whatsoever, is wrong. I’m pleased that the penny is gradually dropping for other socialists who are rejecting neo-communism, and seeing more right-wing commentators out in the media.

My interests are varied, from motorcycles to music to food to gardening. I also enjoy the arts, especially music; I play the piano, guitar and accordion. When I have the time I will be posting tutorials on how to play certain tunes especially on the piano. Look out for these on my youtube channel here. You’ll find some obscure stuff, if you have any specific requests for songs worked out, let me know.

More recently I have grown an interest in photography – specifically film photography, which satisfies my technical itch as well as my artistic one, and causes me to stop and look more at my surroundings. Follow me on instagram @andrewgoodmanphoto.

My other great love is motorcycles; I have another blog dedicated to those, and I have written a book to encourage more people to get into the hobby. Finding the time to write on these subjects is a challenge at times, and with a full-time job, a dog and family to keep me busy, I don’t always find the time to write as often as I’d like.

I am a serial hobbyist: Flying Helicopters, Palm Reading, Beer Brewing, Cheese Making, Fish Smoking, Bread making, Cartooning, Fishing and Shooting, Gundog training, Tropical Fishkeeping, Car and Motorcycle maintenance are all things I’ve tried. I also study the law of attraction and its application in some detail, in order to make sense of the world around me.

Most recently I have been enjoying the garden; learning about no-dig gardening and how to grow vegetables with the least amount of effort, growing fruit trees (how to plant them, prune them, train them, and actually get fruit off them), and getting my lawn into a reasonable shape.

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