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This website is my blank canvas, my gateway to the global audience. This is where I write my thoughts, that others who resonate can come and read what I have written.

My interests are varied, from motorcycles to music to food to gardening and economics. My background is a technical one; I am a chartered mechanical engineer. Since a young age I have always been fascinated by how things work, whether making airfix model kits, dismantling bicycles and lawn mowers, singeing off my eyebrows using ‘my first chemistry set’ to trying to fathom the irrational behaviour of the adults who surrounded me.

Such questions are not easily answered, if anything they become more. In my professional life I solve engineering problems involving the technical as well as the human, I am often more interested in what makes the people around me tick. Faced with the economy, my questioning mind view has expanded to ask questions about money and economics; the reinvention of money, coming soon to a society near you, is be one of the biggest and most profound social and technological advances in the modern world. Bigger even than the internet. It will improve the quality of life for billions.

I am also interested in anthropology, culture, travel and language – I have lived abroad for many years of my life. I see a lot of people working very hard at jobs they hate just to go through the motions and ‘retire’, so they can then enjoy themselves and I see millions of wasted lives. Why are we still doing this in the 21st Century? I have thought about it, and in my quest for answers I have determined that I relate most closely with the anarchist philosophy. I believe in self government over the state, and freedom at an individual level above those hierarchies present in religion, traditional business etc. 

Anarchy is a word with a bad rap. People think of Punk Rockers roaming the urban streets smashing shop windows. The state and its sponsors would have you believe that anarchy is bad, but the reality is quite different. Anarchy is about self empowerment and cooperation and freedom. It is about no state borders and collections of like minded people organising themselves. Any societal philosophy which promotes these things is good in my book. It may be a concept not yet able to be realised, but I would vote for it. I recently stumbled across a man called David Graeber, an ex Harvard (now LSE) anthropologist who explained rather well on this Charlie Rose interview what anarchists stand for. You may be surprised to learn that you are one too.
I also enjoy the arts, especially music; I play the piano, guitar and accordion. When I have the time I will be posting tutorials on how to play certain tunes especially on the piano. Look out for these on my youtube channel here. You’ll find some obscure stuff, if you have any specific requests for songs worked out, let me know.
More recently I have grown an interest in photography – specifically film photography, which satisfies my technical itch as well as my artistic one, and causes me to stop and look more at my surroundings. Follow me on instagram @andrewgoodmanphoto.

My other great love is motorcycles; I have another blog dedicated to those http://www.shiny-side-up.net, and I have written a book to encourage more people to get into the hobby. Finding the time to write on these subjects is a challenge at times, and with a full-time job, a dog and family to keep me busy, I don’t always find the time to write as often as I’d like.

I am a serial hobbyist; often just for the fun of trying it out. I am one of those people who experiences through doing. Other things I have tried are as follows: Flying Helicopters, Palm Reading, Beer Brewing, Cheese Making, Fish Smoking, Bread making, Cartooning, Fishing and Shooting, Gundog training, Tropical Fishkeeping, Car and Motorcycle maintenance. I also study the law of attraction and its application in some detail, in order to make sense of the world around me.

Most recently I have been designing the garden; learning about no-dig gardening and how to grow vegetables with the least amount of effort, growing fruit trees (how to plant them, prune them, train them, and actually get fruit off them), and getting my lawn into a reasonable shape.

My interest in engineering superposes basic infrastructure. I am much more interested in how to lay the foundation for a happier, healthier society. Here are some things I would like to see:

Rethinking Work

As I look around me, I see a great many people living lives of quiet desperation. They don’t enjoy their work, and they just do it in order to make money to live. They spend too long at work. I’d like to see people working fewer hours and having more leisure time – rethinking the purpose and benefit of ‘work’. When the robots start taking over jobs, this will cause a groupthink on the subject.


Considering the purpose and value of money; innovations like Bitcoin and Central Bank money printing has caused many people to ask; “What is money, and how can it better work for society?” When we print money backed by nothing of value, is there ever an excuse for a shortage of our most basic needs; healthcare, basic infrastructure, food and shelter? I would suggest not. Very few people want to discuss the matter, but understanding money is pivotal in changing society for the better.


A falling cost of living – an end to inflation and central bank ‘funny money’. I don’t believe this will be engineered, I believe it will come of its own accord, as the people reject the current systems for alternatives like Bitcoin.

Happier Healthier People

People enjoy a better standard of health (because we’re happier, less stressed) and health care.

Living to Work not Working to Live

We are encouraged to do things that we love with our lives, rather than finding jobs to earn money. There is an unspoken belief that if something is fun to do, or useful, that it is not rewarded. Only the most despised jobs which make people miserable are worth paying for. How did life come to this?

More Beauty

We should spend more time in nature, arts, music and intellectual pursuits, and enjoying our lives more. In the 21st century, surrounded by great technological advances, why are we all still required at work 40hrs a week? Notice I said ‘at work’ not ’working’. The lights are on but there’s nobody home.

Appreciation for the Earth

We might learn to appreciate our source of nourishment more, by appreciating the planet and its vitality, growing food, making and eating. Do you believe that Global Warming down to human activity and that it is destroying the planet? Get yourself out into the garden (or someone else’s), and start digging some holes and moving some earth around. Nothing will better help you understand your insignificance in the grand scheme of life on planet earth. Become a gardener. Get your hands in the soil, and grow some vegetables from seeds left over from the last years’ crops. See the rain fall and the sun shine. See the food grow and eat the food. Move minute quantities of soil around your garden, and feel your muscles burn. Then consider how big the planet is, and how little you or any other human did to bring it into being, or to maintain the status quo. Life is a big deal. See how the crops grow, see the recycling of organic matter, see life, and ask yourself whether you really think that you can put an end to this, or even hamper it. The broader you look, the more you will see that life is good and getting better.

Self Empowered People

I seek self-empowerment of individuals. People blessed to live the kind of lives they want to live. No leader, no rules, just happy, self empowered individuals choosing for themselves what is best for them. Only when you understand the law of attraction will you ever accept the notion of self directed living as a good thing.

This is what I will be writing about. Feel free to join in the discussion. You can also email me at agoodman@me.com

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