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Film profile: Kodak Ektar

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Like the super contrasty look of slide film, a fine grain and unique look, but prefer shooting negative film? With Spring right around the corner, buy yourself a roll or two of Kodak Ektar and get shooting.

Compared to traditional negative film, Ektar doesn’t gave quite the exposure latitude of say Portra 400, but the results are well worth it. It is only ASA100,  so its strictly a daylight film.

If you overexpose, it tends to oversaturate. It also tends to the red spectrum, and makes people look red, so if you’re shooting portraits and want a fine grain, shoot Portra 160.

But for landscapes Ektar is a cracking film stock. Think of it as a negative equivalent of Velvia; punchy, saturated, with a unique, fine grained look.

It’s an appealing look straight back from the lab. Check out the following examples, mostly shot on the Fuji GA645Zi, with one photo (City of London) on 35mm.



This post has already been read 759 times!

filmGA645Kodak Ektar' Andrew • April 8, 2015

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