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Fujifilm GA645 Zi Professional Review

Something a bit smaller, Sir?

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The next MF camera I bought was a Fujifilm GA645Zi. My example came from japancamerahunter, and cost around £400 all in, and when I bought it I was quite happy with the purchase. Shortly after things started going wrong. I quickly learned that these cameras suffer with failing LCD panels on the back of the camera; the ribbon which feeds the LCD gets trapped with each film loading and gradually wears out. Mine started failing, which was annoying as I had paid top dollar for a ‘very good condition’ specimen.


Fujifilm GA645Zi – bigger than a jar of Marmite – sorry “You either love it or you hate it!”

Speaking to Fujifilm directly and then to the company which used to fix these cameras on their behalf, I learned that the LCD failing is the GA645Zi

This post has already been read 13112 times!

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  • Norm Wood

    Hello Andrew, I have a Fuji GA645Zi with a failed LCD screen, did you ever get yours repaired? Regards, Norm

    • Andrew Goodman

      Hi Norm, it seemed to rectify itself and the dead pixels reappeared. Which suggested that it was a contact issue. I had contacted Fujifilm to see if they had any spares and they said not. This is a very popular replacement part and I guess they had run out of them. As long as you can still see stuff like ISO and 120/220 then it’s not too serious. Try pressing the flexible plastic around the LCD screen to see if you can ‘massage’ the contacts back to life. Some of my favourite photos were taken with the GA645Zi. Good camera. All the best Andrew