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Fujifilm GA645 Zi Professional Review

What's good about the camera?

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  • It feels good in the hand, the grip is countered and the shutter release is well positioned.
  • It is compact and light (under 1kg) for a MF camera. It may look like it has been on the ‘roids but it is among the smallest MF cameras out there.
  • The lens retracts into the camera body.
  • The lens is quite slow (4.5-6.9), but on the plus side image quality is very good at all zoom focal lengths – see images below
  • It is ideal as a portrait camera (over 1m distance) and for landscapes. No GA645Zi
  • Metering is generally accurate, even with slide film. Sometimes the camera has overexposed a shot, but this was a rare case. It works better with negative film, or with slide film when the light is flat and unchanging.
  • The camera has a metal case and should withstand knocks pretty well, the inside, back are plastic, and the hand grip plastic too. The plastic on the back can develop cracks, not sure how, but it seems to be par for the course with these cameras.
  • Rudimentary 4 position zoom works well with regards to framing, if you are taking landscape shots, you cannot get appreciably closer to infinity by moving your feet, but going from 55mm to 90mm will give you a better framed shot.
  • Built in fill flash works very well.
  • Leaf shutter will give you handheld shots down to ridiculously slow shutter speeds; I have successfully shot down to 1/8th of a second which is super useful when shooting slide film in the UK’s normally inclement weather. ISO50 (slide) film is great for Ken Rockwell in California, but the UK is a totally different kettle of fish. Sunshine? Yeah, we had some last summer…….

This post has already been read 13114 times!

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  • Norm Wood

    Hello Andrew, I have a Fuji GA645Zi with a failed LCD screen, did you ever get yours repaired? Regards, Norm

    • Andrew Goodman

      Hi Norm, it seemed to rectify itself and the dead pixels reappeared. Which suggested that it was a contact issue. I had contacted Fujifilm to see if they had any spares and they said not. This is a very popular replacement part and I guess they had run out of them. As long as you can still see stuff like ISO and 120/220 then it’s not too serious. Try pressing the flexible plastic around the LCD screen to see if you can ‘massage’ the contacts back to life. Some of my favourite photos were taken with the GA645Zi. Good camera. All the best Andrew