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Fujifilm GA645 Zi Professional Review

Conclusions and Sample Photos

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The GA645Zi is as good as a compact point and shoot medium format film camera gets. As long as you understand its shortcomings, and don’t pay too much, you can have a lot of fun with this camera. If you want a cheaper Fuji 645 camera, I would recommend you take a look at eBay for a fixed lens Fuji GA645 (the one without the zoom), or even better the GS645 which is a manual focus folding camera, a bit like the thoroughly modern, and still very dear GF670.

You can read Cameron Kline’s review on the Fuji GA645 at filmshootercollective. If you are offered a Zi, bear in mind the LCD issues and price accordingly. There are plenty on eBay in both the UK and Japan. In the right hands they can take exceptional photos, just don’t pay too much. £200-250 should net you a good example.

Here are some more photos taken with the GA645 Zi, so you can judge for yourself; a mixture of slide, negative and black and white film. Bonus points if you can spot the film emulsion (we have; ektar, velvia 100, Ilford Pan F 50 and Ilford 3200). Be patient, these are big files and may take a while to load.


Fujifilm GA645 Zi Professional Review >>


This post has already been read 13472 times!

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  • Norm Wood

    Hello Andrew, I have a Fuji GA645Zi with a failed LCD screen, did you ever get yours repaired? Regards, Norm

    • Andrew Goodman

      Hi Norm, it seemed to rectify itself and the dead pixels reappeared. Which suggested that it was a contact issue. I had contacted Fujifilm to see if they had any spares and they said not. This is a very popular replacement part and I guess they had run out of them. As long as you can still see stuff like ISO and 120/220 then it’s not too serious. Try pressing the flexible plastic around the LCD screen to see if you can ‘massage’ the contacts back to life. Some of my favourite photos were taken with the GA645Zi. Good camera. All the best Andrew