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Yashicamat 124G Review


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Ok, so we’ve established the camera has a lot going for it, it is cheap (under $200, or £200 for a good quality example) thanks to a plentiful supply on the used market, and rock solid build quality. The camera takes amazing photos and is compact for the image quality. What’s not so good?

1. Weight
This camera is all metal, and built like a tank. If you’re going to be carrying one of these around, you are going to need a strap, and if you don’t want blood blisters on your shoulder get a nice soft (and wide) leather or neoprene strap to take the load off.

2. f3.5
Knowing that you’re not going to get what you are seeing through your beautiful f2.8 viewfinder in your final image (which will be f3.5), really hurts. Suck it up and save for a Rolleiflex f2.8. Save £100 a month, and you only need wait a year.

3. Waist Level Finder
Many MF cameras have WLV, but they also have options for something else, the TLR not so much. It makes the camera stealthy and gives you a different perspective from which to take photos, but whether you like it or not will be down to your experience and your preference in framing and composing your shots.

This post has already been read 5195 times!

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