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A Vote to Remain in the EU is a Vote Against Democracy

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I don’t know about you, but I am not a big fan of bullies. I don’t like other people being bullied, and I don’t much like being bullied myself. My major concern with the EU, and the primary reason that I cannot vote for it, no matter how much I love our European neighbours (I was born abroad and lived there for many years) is the small issue of democracy. It’s odd that such a triviality has been virtually overlooked by all who are discussing the Brexit campaign.

The EU government has very little in common with constituent parts that make Europe so special. Instead, it is seeking a sort of supra-national Euro state with no sovereignty to speak of.

The EU structure is a bureaucrats dream, it has ambitions to grow ever bigger year after year, ambitions which are not challenged and cannot be stopped. It requires more and more funding every year, which it gets (under laws it makes itself). The EU is unaccountable, run by unelected individuals, and yet it has the opportunity to legislate across the customs union borders and have that legislature implemented by majority voting. In short, the EU government is turning into a monster, the Euro currency is an unmitigated disaster, and yet nobody seems to notice the reality or care much about it. In fact, our own prime minister is wholeheartedly encouraging us to vote for a system which is fundamentally undemocratic. What does that say about him?

There is said to be a big swing towards the remain camp in the younger voting population. They seem to be interested in staying in the EU. Perhaps they don’t understand the issues. I remember when I was young. I though that Tony Blair was a decent bloke. The simple fact is, I didn’t have a clue about politics when I was in my twenties. Now I’m in my thirties I have a much better idea what they’re up to, having studied the subject at more length. I now know that Tony Blair is not a very nice person, and that he pulled the wool over everybody’s eyes on pretty much everything he did. After that performance I’m surprised they give him any air time at all. They should have tried his for war crimes and if found guilty, locked him in the Tower of London with the Ravens.

I would put it out there that the majority of the young are far too busy facebooking, tweeting pictures of their meals and most of all looking good to care about politics and economics, let alone democracy, and so they may well vote to remain, but I doubt many of them will have thought about the major issues of the Brexit vote, or would even care to.

Democracy is important, it provides accountability, giving individuals some say in the way publicly pooled resources are applied in the real world. For example, things which benefit the people should be encouraged above government pet projects. The EU is fundamentally undemocratic. It is a practical dictatorship, if a reasonably well-behaved one, at least so far. Merkel and Junker, Chancellor of Deutschland and President of the EU respectively, act like they don’t really care what the ‘Euro people’ (whoever they are) want.

They showed their true colours when Greece voted to reject the EU austerity package. What happened next? The Greeks were told to accept it. Never mind the vote, you do as you’re told Greece. This was either down to a spineless PM Tsipras, or no real interest is what the Greeks want or don’t want. Probably a bit of both. Even alopecian philosopher Yanis Varoufakis has come out to defend the EU, which has taken him to the lowest of my estimation. These politicians have no integrity whatsoever, they’re just playing a part in a play, and they change parts every six months.

If a country looks like it is going to get a right-wing party at the helm, Donald Tusk states that they will lose their influence to vote in the EU. How is this anything but dictatorship? “If you behave as I like, you will be allowed to participate, but if you don’t you will be excluded.”

It is also important to note that the Euro was designed from the outset as a weapon of mass financial destruction to achieve ‘Une certaine idée de L’Europe’, again undefined. It was designed to cause the sorts of financial instability which would lead to countries giving up their sovereignty in return for being saved from certain economic death and destruction. It is clever, and insidious, and with hindsight it has succeeded in its aims remarkably well. Don’t just take my word for it, listen to Bernard Connolly.

20 years ago Connolly, who worked as a senior economist with the European Union, published ‘The Rotten Heart of Europe’; his take on the damage that monetary union would do to the single currency participants. Shortly after the book was published, he was sacked. Why? He pointed out that you cannot have monetary union without fiscal union (money and the how it is spent must be centrally controlled), that the EU’s aims are to drive countries towards giving up their sovereignty in favour of the European identity, moving away from national sovereignty (something which people can belong to) towards an anarcho-capitalist empire (Europe).

As they have lost their national identity, as they have ceded sovereignty to the undefined vision of the EU, people are seeking out extreme right wing groups to belong to something. These organisations are typically focussed on what they are *not*, rather than on what they *are*, which as we are seeing is not going to end well. The EU, in quashing democracy is actually causing a situation which, like the anarcho-capitalist Austro-Hungarian empire before it, is more likely to lead to WW3 than to abate it.

The ‘United States of Europe’ (USE) will not become a reality without a fight, and probably a global one. Anybody who thinks they can dictate for the masses finds their plans will fall short of the mark every time. The USE or the New Soviet Union (NSU), is a concept born of the 20th century, and it clearly belongs there. Tusks’s concerns about Brexit are probably valid; that the UK’s exit will signify the beginning of the end for the EU and the Euro, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t jump from the sinking ship, and if it’s so fragile as not allow a minor player like the UK to do its own thing, the EU is clearly beyond help and its out duty to lead the exodus from the burning building.

So Donald Tusk, and more recently our own dear Chancellor George Osborne, are using threatening bully boy tactics to get people to vote remain. Meanwhile Tusk has explained that if the UK leaves the EU, there will be pain for a number of years. This makes me want to vote leave even more, to prove him wrong. What proud country would allow themselves to be bullied like this? The same goes for Osborne. The Remain camp are losing ground and have serious concerns that their pampered, subsidised lives are about to come to an end. Sh*t is about to get real. As somebody pointed out on Twitter, how would Osborne execute such a move from the back benches? Good point.

I hate the way David Cameron talks about how the EU brexit vote is a choice for ‘you the public’, that he will do whatever we ask him to, that it is not about him, it is about what the people want, and in the same breath tells us that we must vote to remain in the EU. These individuals have overstepped the mark, and their accounts should be struck from the record. When George Osborne says he will raise taxes if we vote to leave. These are dirty tricks, and rather than scaring us, they should strengthen our determination to take back our own power, not just from the EU government, but from the UK government too. We should chuck out Osborne and Cameron at the earliest opportunity for disgraceful behaviour.

When the time comes to go to the ballot box on the 23rd, remember that little issue called democracy, as it’s very future lies in the balance. It might be a bad system, but it’s the best we’ve got, and the EU is not heading towards giving more power to the people, it is heading towards an anarcho-capitalist empire with a European agenda (whatever that is) as its core aim. It will not represent the UK better than the UK can represent itself, and by showing its contempt for those countries which foolishly joined the single currency, it has provided an easy decision to exit for many who still care about democracy. If you vote remain, you are voting against democracy.

The best argument I’ve heard for voting leave was this question. “If we had a choice to join the EU now, would we do it?” I don’t think we would, and that is why I think we should get the hell out of its grappling clutches ASAP.

If you are still on the fence, watch Lord Owen’s case for brexit. Sobering stuff.

This post has already been read 723 times!

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