quo vadis



No, this is not the Mark Ronson Version, it’s the 1980’s smasher by Stevie Winwood, as used by Eric Prydz in ‘That’ music video in the dance studio (don’t tell me you don’t remember, I nearly fell off my chair).

The Song is in A Major, and uses fairly simple chords, and first and second inversions of those chords. I have used a simple octave baseline, but if you have a bass player in your band, then by all means let him have the fun.

I have included a bonus fake sheet for those of you who like that sort of thing. Where chords are marked with a ‘ or a ” this indicates first and second inversion of the chord respectively.

Normal C chord comprises C E G and C octave.

First inversion of C chord is E G C and E octave

Second Inversion is G C E and G octave

Slash chords are read: main chord / bass note