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I was watching my latest favourite inspiration, Chamath Palihapitiya talking about technology on CNBC squawk box. I first came across Chamath talking about Bitcoin. He’s a sharp talker and like a lot of successful people he is driven and speaks with conviction, so when he speaks people listen. When the anchor of squawk box, Joe Kernan rebuffed Chamath’s view on man made global warming, I was delighted. Finally, it’s so good to hear an opinion which isn’t mainstream in the mainstream press. It seems CNBC has taken quite a lot of flack for having a lot of global warming deniers on their books. Good for them.

I then stumbled across this article in TeenVogue: Kids Win the Right to Sue Government over Global Warming. So the kids can sue for their ruined future. Good for them. But what happens when the world wakes up to realise their future isn’t ruined after all, and that what has taken place over the last two decades has been corporate wealth extraction of the highest order? Yeah, never mind the kids, what about us adults being taxed heavily by the global warming zealots, especially those of us who don’t believe that 0.01% more CO2 in the atmosphere is a bad thing? It’s good for tomatoes, and tomatoes are delicious. So will we be allowed to sue, and if so who do we sue? We could sue ourselves for our own gullibility?

Think for a minute how much money has been extracted from the public in the name of global warming fraud. Taxes on transportation, heating and transport fuels and their effect on the price of virtually all goods processed manufactured and transported using oil based energy. Food production and processing, commodities, the list is virtually endless.

When fossil fuels are taxed so heavily in the name of the environment, and we have an economy which totally relies on fossil fuels for its existence, the economic cost to the consumer is significant. Consider the increased cost of electricity, which has been artificially raised to pay for increasing amounts of renewables generation. We consumers have to pick up the tab for all of it.

Spare a moment to think of all those people who have been forced to drive around in tractor-like diesel engined cars, instead of nice smooth petrol engined ones. It’s a big price to pay. Think of all of the pollution that we have been forced to breathe in because of the government push to use ‘cleaner’ diesel cars, when CO2 isn’t bad for the planet, but the rest of the noxious gases released by stinking diesel engines are far worse than those of their petrol counterparts (hence government u-turn in diesels). Company car drivers have been limited to 120g/km, when they could have been driving cars tuned for cleanliness, not carbon dioxide emissions.

Then think about the coal power stations which could have continued to provide energy security for the UK but which are being shut down on a weekly basis. We could even be implementing clean coal technologies in the UK and USA, not CCS, I’m talking air quality. I couldn’t care less about CO2 emissions. Instead we are beholden to the Russians and the Arabs for our energy supply. Not ideal. In saving the planet, millions of innocent people die in the political fallout.

People think that energy companies pay for renewables. They don’t. The end consumer pays. That means you. In this case electricity doesn’t operate as a free market, we have global warming legislation, based upon a false premise, and government (read taxpayer) subsidies to fund more expensive electricity. The cost of these are paid by electricity consumers, and the increased charges divvied out to everybody in the supply chain.

Have you ever met a poor energy company? Me either. They are rolling in cash because they effectively have a ‘taxpayer base’ of sorts to pick up the bill for whatever they do. That they are effectively a cartel doesn’t help matters. If the government decrees that we should be using more renewables, it subsidises its generation, and charges electricity companies to supply a proportion of their power from renewable means. They naturally pass those charges onto us.

When the global warming fraud is uncovered as the racket it is, who’s gonna pay us back?  What about the well-meaning people who choose to pay to offset their carbon footprint? You could laugh in their faces at such a ridiculous notion, but shouldn’t the tree planting businesses be rightly sued for fraud, rather like a PPI claim? If you were paying for something based upon a falsehood,  shouldn’t you should be refunded?

If paying high carbon taxes makes you nervous, it should. It should make the government and those businesses who work in the field even more so. When global warming is shown to be a complete nonsense in the next ten years, hundreds of millions of consumers will have a justifiable claim for a rebate on an overpriced life. Such a claim, if validated, would break the economy. But don’t just take my word for it.

Global warming fraud is still, without a shadow of a doubt, the single largest scam ever perpetrated on mankind. As to who is responsible for the fraud, and who coughs up compensation, I’ll leave that to the lawyers.

This post has already been read 1657 times!